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Shih Tzu Lilly Showin' Tricks

Lilly is doing so well. So intelligent and far ahead of a few others. She is sitting, laying down, staying very well. She is communicating well #ShihTzulove. These are the fundamentals we have been working on together over the last couple of days. Always fun to get out and about with your buddy and friend!

I am going to be working over the next few weeks to train my dams. I feel our Shih Tzu are pets and friends first. A great way to #bondwithyourShihTzu is to train for 10-25 minutes a day. #Breeders2020 #TrainyourShihTzu #ShihTzubreeders #puppiescolorado #highqualitypuppies #LovingBreeders #ColoradoShihTzuBreeders

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