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Cake joins the Team


A wonderful Shorkie! A great friend.

Cake is a perfect little Shorkie. She is great at games and has a loving personality. She loves to play with the puppies.

Cake will relax and cuddle for a movie, or get involved with a game of tug o' war!

She loves her toys and is fairly active. I would have thought she would have been a bit more loud, like her dad, but seems to have taken her mom's side with relaxed personality when not prompted to play games and run around.

Oh my goodness, Cake is so smart! We have a new fence. Cake has got her degree in engineering or something because she can find a way out lickedy' split.

We are so blessed to have her.

Shorkies are truely the most fun family pet.

Cake does exceptionally well with children and seniors. She is one for entertainment and good cheer.

Shorkies are a wonderful companion with fun ideas for games.

Shorkies are still a very new designer breed who have not gained significant popularity among American families, but the breed is steadily growing in popularity for their disposition and sturdy aesthetics.

What breed could possibly be more fun for a young family!?

Consider a Shorkie as your next furbaby. You will not be disappointed with this entertaining, smart, loving breed.

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